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Potton Hall/The Yurt Bistro


Potton Hall


Spa, Bistro & Boarding


Photography & content creation

Unlike anything before

Potton Hall is an experience not quite like any other. 

A passion project turned business, Priscilla Westgarth took her passions, her home and her can-do attitude and turned her title of 'accountant' into masseuse, chef, barista, gardener, accommodation manager... oh, and also runs a recording studio.

The challenge here was to showcase the true experience of Potton Hall, which is earthy, natural, and personal - unlike your typical spa/leisure center.

The Yurt Bistro (on-site Yurt come fine dining experience) presented a similar challenge. Show off the incredible quality of food in what is an equally incredibly unexpected setting.

Yurt - Tomas-197.jpg

Picking Potton Hall apart, we have the spa, the Yurt, the cottages, and then the whole overall experience.

The project was broken down over a few days, capturing the spa & cottages in one day and coming back for a cook-off with Tomas in the Yurt.

Check out the results in the gallery below 👇



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