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Loyal Wolf Barbershop






Photography & Content Creation

Snip snip

Firstly, what a cool shop. Taking great photos is so much easier when your subject actually looks like this. 

The challenge was to take a relatively small space and make it look spacious and inviting.

This client had a very clear brand image, so it was important to keep that in mind, too.

LWB Apr 22-271.jpg
LWB Apr 22-122.jpg

Loyal by name, loyal by nature. 

Having worked together on multiple occasions now - Sam and the team trust my process and let me do my thing.

What am I thinking about when I shoot here? Keeping things close up, introducing some nice depth of field, including their branding and colour where I can.

I know most of what I shoot will be for social media, so I'm shooting a lot in portrait and leaving some space so we can crop to 4:5 in post.

I also know that this client likes to use images for the background to information posts on socials - so I'm looking for blank textures and cool 'empty' shots that might be good for that.

We end up with a TON of images fit for social media.

We're looking clean, we're looking crisp, *chefs kiss*.

Check some of the shots out below 👇



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